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The majority of young people today have been increasingly sexually active which is now a concern for many parents and guardians. The mass media has popularized sex symbols and serves as conduit to present mixed messages to the young viewers about the real role of sex in daily lives. All kinds of sex are seen as permissible and these shows or materials are even accessed through the internet. It takes one click to surf   websites that demonstrates graphic illustrations about sex whereas before, one has to discreetly purchase or rent adult movies. Because of this, even elementary level students can view sites that are prohibited to minors by declaring false age. Because of these circumstances, governments all around the world are improvising ways to promote family planning education.

Family planning education has many benefits for a nation. One, it curbs down the birth rate thereby enabling families to have children that are adequately spaced apart in birth. This allows time for mothers to heal their bodies and spend enough time to rear the newborn. Also, family planning education helps families prepare their future since fewer children mean better allocation of resources for food, education , and other important expenses. It is then up to the government to conduct an aggressive drive to promote family planning education to its citizens. Various incentives can be offered to families so that the campaign may be more effective.

Family planning education for young people can also be introduced through the school system. By doing so, the age group that would become sexually active ( or currently active) would be informed about responsible parenthood. This group would realize that their current role in life is to pursue their education to become productive members of the society. Family planning education is not just about sex but facing responsibilities attached to reproduction. Also, family planning education presents concerns such as sexually-transmitted diseases that young people would like to know more but couldn’t find appropriate sources. In short, family planning education benefits society by providing the right kind of information in an objective manner and correcting wrong practices which lead to unwanted pregnancy.

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